Rockin’ out with Rocksbox!

Upon strolling into my humble abode yesterday not only was I walking on sunshine because it was my birthday, but also my first Rocksbox came in the mail!  Before you hit up the google machine to see what this is all about be warned I am not talking about the Roxbox Karaoke Software. Although I love to sing me a good Proud Mary by my girl Tina Turner that will have to wait till another blog post. I will save you the google search and you can check out the link here

I wanted to dedicate this post to do a bit of a review of my first Rocksbox.  Basically, Rocksbox is a subscription jewelry box that will send you 3 pieces of high end jewelry for $20 a month! For starters, you create a profile to select your clothing style, gold/silver preference, dressy or casual, etc.  Then Rocksbox connects you with a stylist and lets you know when your box is on its way.  After you are done wearing the ones that you have worn during the month you can send them back for new pieces.  Also, que music…they include a return shipping label!  If you want to keep any of the jewelry you can purchase them at a discounted rate!

What I love about this concept is that my tastes are constantly changing and lets be honest I am prone to buying the “turn your skin green” cheap jewlery, which can lead others to think you are turning into a leaf of spinach.  The three amazing pieces I recieved this month was a cobalt five station statement necklace from House of Harlow, crystal spike earrings by Slate, and a molly bracelet by Robyn Rhodes. See photos below for details.

So if you don’t have time to find accessories for the 8,000 weddings you have to attend this summer or going to the mall is the equivalent to eating sandpaper for you…Rocksbox is where it’s at!  For daily posts and photos follow me on Instragram at dreamyrealistfashion or on Twitter @dreamrealfash3

House of Harlow 1960, Five Station Necklace, Cobalt
House of Harlow 1960, Five Station Necklace, Cobalt
Slate, Crystal Spike Earrings
Slate, Crystal Spike Earrings
Robyn Rhodes, Molly Bracelet
Robyn Rhodes, Molly Bracelet

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