This girl is gettin’ crafty!

Maybe it was the intense scrolling through DIY ideas on Pinterest or the group facetime that happened with all of my best girls in Chi-town, either way…this girl got crafty!

Of course at my usual stop at Target to pick up “toothpaste”  I found myself in the stationery section immersed in the amazing colors, patterns, all glitter everything in cards, ribbon, boxes, you name it, Target had it!  Yes, there may have been a bit of drool that I wiped from my mouth in the trance that I was in in aisle C11, but wanted to share with you all my finished product!

Since living 8 million miles away from my best fraaaaands a little hand written note with witty puns is always a great go-to and what is complete without puns than pizza charms.  Long story short, my girls and I had quite a pizza obsession in college which made me giggle when I found these adorbs pizza charms on Amazon.

See below for my little sneak peek photo story into my craft day I had writing, wrapping, and sealing without getting any grease stains on the envelope…

Pizza Charms,
Pizza Charms,
Heart & Stripe Cards, Target, $3.99
Heart & Stripe Cards, Target, $3.99


Gold & Stripe sticker label, Target, $2.49
Gold & Stripe sticker label, Target, $2.49





Off they go!
Off they go!

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