Aquilano Salon Review

So, at this point in my blogging adventure I have not ventured into beauty as much since I literally can’t even put nailpolish on my left hand without it looking like a 2 year old did them.  Wanted to share with you all my recent transition into the world of short hair and highlights!  I am not going to lie I definitely fell into the routine of “long hair, don’t care” but then realizing, Wow! I really need to care and I am looking on the verge of Haggard from Harry Potter as seen in the photo below:


Since I have not taken a brush to my hair dry before, all my curly hair girls know what I am talking about, I was so shocked how long it got and talk about dead ends #ohlawd.  In researching for who to manage this beast I call my lions mane my co-worker recommended Aquilano Salon, in Old Town Alexandria VA.

This salon has the perfect vibe from the minute you walk in with the wine that is served while your getting styled to the relaxing music in the rinse room, it was a fabulous experience. Then came the part to meet my hairdresser, Sandra, who I absolutely recommend. She was totally personable and made me feel completely confident in the new look I was trying to go for.  Drum roll please for the after pictured below!


Book them for your next hair appointment, you won’t be disappointed!  Check out their website for contact info!


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