Raincheck without the Rain Jacket!

So I have finally realized how important it is to check the weather before planning any occasion. Yes, it has taken me a whole 28 years to realize that this is a good habit to start. Never to late right?  Well, the reason why I mention this is because I have so many new looks for under $30 I wanted to share with you all, but due to rain, we will have to save these looks for a sunny day!

So I decided to have a lazy Sunday and finally start the book “Yes, Please!” by Amy Poehler, and drink an absurd amount of coffee from my adorable new coffee mug from my love from Kate Spade for $18!  Also, wanted to highlight the perfect oversize sweater by Catherine Maladrino that I got on consignment for under $30!  Usually I am not a fan of the thick oversized sweaters on my body type. The key to this look is having a neckline that does not hug to close to your neck and the shoulder line hitting a little lower gives it that not so “favorite high school sweatshirt” look.  The length as well plays a big part, hitting just below the hiney is key to either wear with leggings and boots or skinny jeans and heels. Excuse me while I come down from my caffeine fix and chill with my girl Amy!


2016-02-21 14.10.30



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