Sweet Pea and Tulip Boutique!

While my friends and family were shoveling their way out of #snowzilla here on the east coast I just so happened to have a business trip that took me over to New Orleans during the storm! Poor me, right? Cue, the boos from the studio audience crowd and throwing of shoes. I will have to admit I was super #blessed.  My luck with snow and ice has ended in broken phones, twisted ankles, and crushed dreams.  Ok, so the last one is a bit dramatic, but still!

So since I was stranded on the weekend, thought I would make the best of it and check out the local boutique scene of Nawlins! In wandering the side streeets of downtown I came across this adorable little shop called Sweet Pea and Tulip Boutique. The minute you walk in you are flooded with amazing witty graphic tees, unique sunglasses galore, bold to simple jewelry, and so much more!

To be honest I wanted to just start insanley clapping saying, “bravo, this store is beautiful, bravoooooooo!!!” So after strolling around the store I had a little “treat yo self” moment and came across this beautiful gold, crystal, and stone embellished necklace.  Ususally I am a sucker for big, bold, glamour jewels but lately I am all about the simple looks. The best part of this shop was the friendly staff and a majority of items were under $30! Check out their website and make sure you put this shop on your “must see” list right after Cafe Du Monde!




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