Loving that Palm Tree Life!

The time has come!  Palm trees have found their way into the workplace, and it is totally appropriate!  For many, the thoughts of palm trees on apparal may go to that one shirt your uncle wears at every summer family reunion as his “party shirt.” Simply put the button up hawaiian style tee with palm trees galore.  Don’t get me wrong I love the vibes of a happy person in a happy tropical tee, but the cut and style of the palm tree pattern can really be tricky for transitioning from the backyard bbq to the board room.  So wanted to share with you guys this little number from last season H&M.

When rocking the palm trees in the office always good to stick to basics on the color scheme. You know the usual suspects black, white, beige, grey, etc. so that you can pair bold colors such as a statement necklace, blazer, or hand bag!  Also, with a killer pattern you need to keep in mind the length for the occasion. Save the maxi for that beach party and above the knee look for after 5.  The midi length is great for the office scene and do not think you need to be amazon woman tall to pull this off, you can do it no matter your height!

What do you pair with palm trees? Comment below!

Dress, H&M, under $30 I Blazer, Nordstrom Rack, under $40 I Shoes, Target, under $30 I Necklace $25




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