One Dress Two Ways Babes!

One dress for all seasons…can I get a praisehands emoji! My bank account smiles when it sees deals like this.  Pulling off a look that can transition from summer to winter can be tricky and it all depends on what you add or take off. As much as I wish my flowy linen dresses can be rocked in the 20 degree weather here on the east coast it is a no no.  To master the best of both worlds trend depends on the material and color scheme.  So to put this into action I selected this amazing drop waisted dress that I got on sale at Target. By the way the sale section at Target and I are now besties, yes we even having matching BFF bracelets, be jealous.  The material is light in weight, but is not a sheer material which is perfect! With these factors I am able to wear this look bare legged in the summer/spring and in the fall/winter throw on a pair of tights and a jean or cargo jacket and you are set to go. In terms of color schemes don’t be afraid to rock pastels in the winter and fall! Pairing with darker tops or bottoms creates that balance. Now get out there and save that money girl!

1 dress 2 ways

1 dress 2 ways (1)

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