Spring…is that you??

So these warm temperatures out here on the east coast has made me feel like the groundhog was totally playing us!  Six more weeks of winter…psych (kind of).  The minute you bust out your sandals for the day the temp drops 30 degrees and then that I imagine that groundhog pointing and laughing with his evil groundhog laugh about how cold I am. Darn you adorable groundhog!

Well, besides my random rant about rodents I wanted to share how to style some of your spring pieces that you have already busted out of storage that you want to wear now, but the temps may not allow for them yet.  The best way to make pieces transitional is all about layering! I have been totally down with the trend of wearing tank tops over basic white tees, kind of bringing that whole Deliah’s vibe back.  Please tell me you remember Deliah’s, I lived for that magazine every time it came into the mail each month!

So for this trend I took a knit crop top from Current Boutique that I snagged for under $20 and paired it with a sheer bell sleeved red top from Nordstrom Rack underneath.  Making sure you are balancing out this look with contrasting materials gives trying this trend an effortless feel!

How do you wear your spring pieces for winter temps?!

Photo Cred: In11Views Photography




Recreate this look with looks from Eloquii (top photo) or Zara (bottom photo)!

1044029_041_1Image 1 of FAUX LEATHER STRAPPY TOP from Zara

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