One of those “Wear it 3 Ways” Dresses!

Now what if I told you I could create three different looks on one dress without adding any accessories. Yes, feel free to take a second to ponder, maybe go make a sandwich, feed the dog, then come back and give it a shot on how you think I did this.  Well, I cannot take the credit on this one, it is the amazing designers at ELOQUII!

Photo Credit: In11Views Photography

This little number may look familiar because I wore it earlier this month.  I attended the Fashion for Lost Dog & Rescue Foundation hosted by one of my favorite DC bloggers & major girl boss, Dani of Blonde in the District, at the ELOQUII Pop-up Shop in Pentagon Fashion Center. Also, in this dress I did a solid Boomerang with a a little twirl of the dress and a shoulder shake.  Usually what my Boomerang attempts consist of are awkward faces and having to re-do them at least 3 times, almost comparable to attempting to do those group jumping shots.  On the flip side these make for enjoyable messages to later share with friends on these #boomshakalakafails as I like to call them.

So just like that with the tie detail around the neck, tie in the front, or just tucked right in you have 3 ways to wear this amazing dress! What I also love is that you can style to wear the neckline up on your shoulders or off to give a bit of a flirty & fun vibe.

The elastic in this dress around the neckline is on point by the way.  Anyone else get freaked out when the off the shoulder dress neckline pops up out of nowhere on you and you are all ready to go into karate kung fu fighting because you think someone touched you? Only me? Ok…grrrrrreat. Well, no worries on this dress since the neckline stays right where it should. Even if you do decided to bust out those killer dance. Go ahead, raise the roof, bring that dance move back in this dress!

Sometimes the tricky thing about these flowy spring dresses is that they are not lined and can be a bit see through, but you are in luck. No need for a slip on this baby since it is lined as well!

Now if you live in the DC Metro get yourself to the ELOQUII Pop-up Shop this month…they now have bathing suits! Yes, bathing suits, woo hoo!

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