Parting ways with your pairs of shoes

“These boots are made for walkin and that’s just what they’ll do, maybe one day these boots are gonna walk all over you…well, lately I feel like maybe these boots have been walking a little too much, meaning I have a tendency to wear my shoes to the ground!” That would be my remix to this classic song, can anyone else relate?!

When doing a closet clean out for my size biz, Take 2 Styling, the one piece in many of my clients wardrobes that I see consistently having the most of is shoes! I can totally understand why since a majority of our shoes are seasonal and get put away in a container and up to the attic it goes to be forgotten about. Also, we all know too well the pretty Kate Spade boxes we keep and store our special occasion shoes that we forget about and then we go out and buy a new pair, which eventually gets added to this pile. Before we know it our shoe collection feels like Mount Shoeamanjaro.

During closet cleanouts with my clients this is one of the first parts that I start with.  I have my clients bring every single shoe that they own into their bedroom and lay them on the floor.  I mean EVERY SHOE from the ones you garden with to the ones you can’t wear anymore because they are sky high stilettos!

So my inner cheerleader is going to bust out…READY? OK!

Give me an S-Save the pairs you have worn in the past year. Can’t remember the last time you wore                                       them? It may be time to part ways.

Give me an H-Holes or other damages such as to the heel or scuff marks should be donated

Give me an O– Only keep the pairs that do not hurt or give you those painful blisters

Give me an E– Every time you purchase a pair of shoes you should donate or consign a pair

What does that spell?! BURRITO…just kidding, clearly I have dinner on my mind…it spells SHOE! Following this little cheer as just a cheat sheet for how to part ways with those pairs and to get organized, spring is here people!

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