Battling your chilly office with Ellos!

I am sure some of you are giving me a hard eye roll for all of my posts teasing out this look.  I mean how many times can one person say stayed tuned, stay tuned, stay tuuuuuuuned! Well, the day is here ladies and gents that I am finally getting this look up on the blog.

When I came across this Ellos shawl collar floral blazer I slipped it on and I was like, wait…this feels like a cardigan, but has the fit like a blazer…groundbreaking. I especially wanted to show off this look for all my followers out there that work in what I like to call the “arctic office.”

You know those mornings when you wake up, step out the door, and immediately start sweating on your walk to the train. Believe me I know those days all too well with it being a billion degrees here in DC. Then after wiping away the hair that is sticking to your face from all the sweat you step into your office and you see a welcome sign to Antarctica, because it is so freakin cold!

This floral blazer has definitely come in handy to battle those cold temps in the office without having to throw on a snuggie, not sure those would fly in weekly staff meetings. You can shop this shawl collar floral blazer online at Ellos for under $40 and it also comes in black. Stay warm, cool, lukewarm, or whatever everyone!

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