NYFW Recap!

If you tuned into my Instagram stories last week it was filled with a few of my favorite things like baguette sandwiches, fashion, and New York…in that order.  Where do I even begin about my trip to New York Fashion Week and The Curvy Con.  Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be sitting amongst so many amazing designers, bloggers, and just in general fashionistas to take in all that is fashion week. So here is a day by day recap of the adventures that I got into with my girl Dani of Blonde in the District & Roxanne from Glass of Glam!

Day 1- We stayed at the amazing hotel, Dream Midtown, that had literally the best rooftop bar I have ever seen in my liiiiiife.  The rooms were quaint and had this adorable floral backdrop to the bed that crept up the wall, so unique.  Since we rolled in the evening on Thursday we decided to get on our best dresses and hit up a fancy schmancy restaurant (no it was not the Olive Garden). Now all my Sex and the City fanatics out there, who can tell me what restaurant it was in the scene where Carrie held her rehearsal dinner? Ding Ding Ding you are right it was Buddakan! Yes, I am that girl who has issues pronouncing it, but just go to their menu and I will let the descriptions speak for themselves on how amazing their food is. Not only that, but the ambiance of the high ceilings, dramatic chandeliers, and mood lighting was on point. I ordered the Roast Chicken Congee along with a glass of Prosecco and it was perfection.  Now wipe the drool off your keyboard and keep reading.

So after dinner we headed back to our hotel and guess who we ran into…no not Channing Tatum…but even better…Christian Siriano! Yes, you heard correctly.  Literally when we walked by I just had this silly look on my face with my mouth open just staring. He was very sweet even though I was bursting at the seams with fangirl awkwardness.


Day 2- The next morning we woke up bright and early for a photo shoot with Preethi Rajaguru. For real this girl shot me at angles I had never seen myself in, making me feel all Vogue and such.  After trying to not get hit by a bus or trampled by people making their way to work we then headed to our first show, Galtiscopio.  My adrenaline was pumping and I was so excited to experience my first runway show (que the high pitch screams!) As the doors open and we start to file in all of a sudden the bouncer stops us right at the door and says we are at capacity.  Well, instead of making a fuss we headed over to Chelsea Market where my baguette sandwich addiction began.

After carbo loading we headed to our attempt at getting into a second show, Kepaza.  We made it in and had seats front and center!  The show was amazing and filled with beautiful blues and pinks in styles that were ready to hit the beach or poolside.

Next, we headed to Baublebar headquarters to tour their showroom of this seasons trends.  At one point I am pretty sure I was wearing three necklaces, earrings, and bracelets all stacked up. I think the excitement of it all just overwhelmed me. No joke I almost started to twirl around singing “I feel so aliveeeeeee!” Feel free to enjoy that image. The Baublebar staff is seriously so sweet and personable which made our experience even better!

After getting blinged out we headed to the Cindy Monteiro show which was seriously breathtaking.  It was like she transported us to an island with beautiful sounds of natural elements of birds chirping and the ocean roaring. Her designs incorporated so many natural elements like shells and hues of ivory and white. For real after the show I was like wait was that fashion meditation?

Then we scurried our way over to the Michael Todd Beauty event in collab with WWD and Saks Fifth Ave. at the Samsung event space where you could test drive out all the amazing gadgets and get your drink on!

After that we headed to one of my favorite bloggers Sarah of Curvily and her collab party with the jacket line by Jeff Cafone, which is simply stunning! She is seriously so sweet and this girl knows how to throw a party! The best part is I finally met bloggers I have been so inspired by through Instagram finally in real life.

Then the grand finale was dinner at Lillie’s. This amazing restaurant that had dark victorian vibes where we consumed burgers and champs. After the kind of day we had it was oh so satisfying!

Day 3– Now on Saturday we headed to The Curvy Con, but you guys will have to wait since that is a whole other situation that I will be doing a full recap on hitting the blog later this week.

Day 4– Flash forward to Sunday and my very groggy and sleepy self that was on basically 3 hours of sleep was dragged out of bed for the Dan Liu show before heading back to DC.  I would have to say this show was my favorite with the mixtures of lace, pastel tones, broaches, and of course the peacock feathers on the models eyebrows…genius!

I am so happy I can cross NYFW off my bucket list!

Keep dreamin and keep it real babes!


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  1. You keep getting better and better! Love that you’re living a full life on your terms. Keep it real – love you : )

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