Lipstick for the Non-Lipstick Gal

If you have been following me for some time you know I rock the au naturale (spelling?) look more often.  I do like to create in some of my posts the look as if you were to see me on the streets in real life! Then there are some posts where I like to take it up a notch.  Now I know you may be thinking I am talking about turning it up with a faux fur jacket or thigh high boots, well stay tuned you never know, but I am talking about lipstick!

Now my history with lipstick has been a rocky road. So quick story, last summer I went to a friends wedding and I was in the mood to rock a red lip.  Well, as I am in route with my girlfriends to the wedding I decided to reapply in the car.  With my chapstick tendencies I rubbed my lips together like I just slapped on some vaseline.  Meaning then that the lipstick was all over my upper lip right under my nose. Basically looking like a 5 year old that has been licking their lips all day in the cold weather. I turn around being like, “Ok gals who is ready to party?” Then a roar of laughter ensues on my upper lip lipstick disaster. Hope you enjoyed this visual.

Now flash forward to my week at NYFW and CurvyCon and I felt like I needed a bold lip that would last me all day.  Well, I found the perfect lipstick from Colourpop that I literally only had to reapply twice throughout the day! What I love about this line is that is gives your lips more of like a stained look that felt natural, but gave you a little extra something.

Personally my go to lip colors have been:

So bummer news friends I was only able to find the Parker on the ColourPop website! I did a bit of searching and found amazing alternatives that were perfect for fall, check them out!

  1. Skimpy
  2. Aquarius
  3. Frenchie
  4. Cheers


What are your favorite lip stick brands, I need all the make-up knowledge I can get!



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