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    Self Conscious Chronicles- Sweaters

    Welcome back my friends to another edition of Self Conscious Chronicles with your host…me. Sorry guys built that up and really brought us back to reality. Just me, sitting here drinking…

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    Thankful for Happiness!

    After a day filled with family, laughs, and lots of food it was nice to take today to just slow down a bit. Got me thinking about how often we take…

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    Self-Conscious Chronicles Part 2: Stripes

    Welcome to part 2 of the self-conscious chronicles. Today’s subject we will be chatting about stripes. I remember reading an article in probably what was one of the variety of teen…

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    The Magic of a Little Red Dress

    I agree there is nothing better than a classic little black dress. Of course it can be worn year round and is an easy go to. Now I would like to…