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    Yes…those are pants!

    I titled this post, “Yes, those are pants!” because 97.6% of the time you all see me in dresses and rarely rocking any type of pant. Well, in celebration of mixing…

  • Fashion

    New Red Shoe Review!

    A couple of years ago I was driving around with my sister probably complaining about who knows what and then all of a sudden she drowns me out (which I most…

  • Fashion

    Three cheers for fringe!

    Interests include singing karaoke thinking I sound like a rock star (emphasis on thinking I sound like), trying to perfect the art of cutting sweet potatoes without feeling like I am…

  • Fashion

    Quilts…but make it fashion

    A majority of my posts mention at some point about how I want to wear my sleeping bag to work or how can I make my pillow into a purse that…