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    Mad about hats…literally!

    The first situation that I encountered my struggle with having hats fit my head was when I was about 6 years old playing tee-ball and the one size fits all helmets…

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    What Would Dolly Do?

    On my commute last week I tuned into my usual episode of Straight Talk with Ross Matthews. No joke, this show literally has me laughing out loud in my car. Even…

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    Eloquii Spring Try On!

    I would love to see the reaction of those next to me in fitting rooms overhearing me say “Hey guyyyyyssss omg this dress is soooo fabulous you must come and get…

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    Singing in the rain!

    When I was in Bloomington, IN a couple of weekends ago visiting my ol Alma Mater, Indiana University, celebrating one of my best friends birthdays a girlfriend of mine said something…